About MdT-Translations
MDT-Translations is the logical continuation of Maison de Traduction, which was founded in 2008 by Ms drs. Famke van der Elst, LL.M., sworn translator from French to Dutch. What started as a translation agency specialised in legal translations from French to Dutch has now become a professional agency that handles translation projects from and to all languages. Not only legal translations; you can trust us with your technical and business translations as well.

Famke successfully completed both her university studies in French Language and Literature and in Law. During her studies, she also studied at the Sorbonne for a term, gaining very good results. Two years later she returned to Paris for a student internship at a law firm. After working as a lawyer for a year she decided to switch over to the corporate world and she worked as a company lawyer with the “General Affairs” and “New Business Development” department. In 2008, she founded Maison de Traduction.